The mountain sleeps tonight

table mountain
Table Mountain: CapeTown – South Africa

How quietly she sleeps tonight

Though she is surrounded by

the crashing and tumbling of waves,

The ones that churn in my head,

Tossing me relentlessly in my bed


Beacon of our land and seas,

How many secrets do you keep?

Men have fought and died for your love,

Others fallen in reaching your peak.


Many have dined at your table

And foolishly drunk from the vines.

How do you keep your composure

When lusty winds and storms assail you?


As I sit on this rock and ponder,

I’m filled with admiration and wonder,

Eager to learn from you

How you could your magic impart.


Now my eyes feel heavy and weary

After staring at your steep incline.

I envy your timeless and versatile beauty,

Whether in misty gown or smoky grey coat.


And when the sun lights up your smile

I catch my breath for a little while.

May I lay my head upon your breast

Lend me your soft pillow to take my rest.