Letting it go


A truth finally revealed,

So many things concealed

In the sealed depths of my mind,

So much meaning still undefined.


But now that I have come to know

What happened so many bleak years ago

I stand and watch the old house as it falls,

Seeing the cracks in the foundations and the walls.


I see  the worn stained threads of the human fabric

Mismatching colors, frayed ends, all so tragic

And after all the tears and unsolicited fears,

Acceptance settles me after many wasted years.


In the gloom and dankness of those rooms

I sweep up the clutter and cobwebs with my brooms

The time for fairytales and missed birthday cakes

Is no longer an important part of old heartaches.


Time has come to gather remnants to heap upon the pyre

Hear the crackle, smell the smoke and watch the fire,

As it consumes and burns all the anger, hurts and pains

Until only the fine residue of  ash is all that remains.


With wings of forgiveness and peace, I am letting it go!

Banish the dreams of that empty house, with memories of  woe

Renew with new building blocks and no walls made with straw

Let the Sunshine stream in through the freshly painted door!