Meeting your mountains

Meeting your Mountains

I refer to mountains in this post both literally and figuratively. Since I live in a big city, there is always need to de-stress in the beauty of nature. I consider myself lucky to live in a country that is well endowed with natural beauty – with vast stretches of versatile mountains and landscapes, forests and oceans and a variety of of flora and fauna – most well known being our BIG FIVE – the Lion, the Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhinoceros.

I appreciate mountains when I’m seeking peace and solace for my soul and Oceans are great for clearing my vision and perspectives in life.

Taken figuratively – we all at some time meet our mountains; the challenges and obstacles that we need to overcome. Overcoming our mountains can be difficult but not always a bad thing. Meeting my mountains for most part has made me stronger.

But for now – just enjoy the beauty of these mountains and have a glorious day!

Southern Drakensberg – South Africa. Chevvy8

Great things are done

 When men and mountains meet

     William Blake

Geneva and Drakensberg 079
Royal National Park Ampitheatre – Drakensberg, South Africa Chevvy8