My treasure box of things

treasure box

With mixed emotions

I cleared my treasure box of things,

A photograph of my favorite chair

Where our love story unfolded.

A copy of a photograph,

Symbolic  of my love’s tenderness.


The blue window lamp

With directions to my heart,

Your favorite quote, which celebrated

The wonder of small miracles

And a string of your wisdom pearls

Composed and custom made

Especially for me.


A candle we lit, at the alter of

Our love’s worship, when you

Went on your knees

Proclaiming your devout love,

Drank wine from my chalice,

Tasted our communion.


But most of all, it was your letters,

Dedicated to me, words carefully chosen,

Written with blood from your heart

Inscribed with the silver pen of your soul,

Words filled with  baptismal fire

Celebrating ascension of glory to glory,

Your farewell letter, which made me cry

Where your goodbyes were filled with regret,

Bonding my love with yours, one last time

To capture a seed for germination

For another age and place

Of our soul’s reunion.


In the end, I placed everything back

In my treasure box of things

Along with a recording

Of one of my favorite songs

Not ready yet, to simply forget

The lessons I learned

In order to pass my own test.