Garden Tree

oak tree

In a garden of multiple seasons

A tree has ringed changes for many a year

Filled with purpose and lofty cheer

A sapling sprouted well ahead of her time

As a very young tree, the elements

Would not let her be; in their onslaught.

Fielding treachery’s winding winds,

Through harsh falling rains, almost bent,

She has survived many turbulent storms

But what pride shines in her mother’s eyes

To see her standing so firm and so tall,

Casting her nurturing shade for one and all

Beneath her leafy brimmed crown adorned.

Through trying times of inclement weather

Her sturdy heart remains a soft gentle feather

For the weary and broken,she lends temporary respite

Some have made her shelter, their transitional home

Her strong roots reach deep into the earth

She has been lavishly blessed by Heaven’s mirth

For how else would her endurance have survived

Incessant and temperamental, weathered deviance

As climates change, her resilience is once again tested

And now time has come to have more in spirit invested