moon 2

With every effort to break free

Your marksmanship sniped at me

Expert at poker, rakish and charming,

In dealing the deck, shrewdly disarming.

I’m no fool to your fine art of seduction,

Your eloquent gift in rhyme’s production,

Yet once again,with your deft flick

I fall completely for your latest trick

Master in the art of stealing my heart

Agile manuevers in how you play the part

A talented performer,playing contrary roles

The Don Juan, as well as a saviour of souls

Love leaves me moonstruck and lightheaded,

Virgin bride,blushing brightly, newly wedded

A dance resumes, a step forward, two steps back

Heeding siren’s call,when you listened to the track

At odds with yourself when you denied emotion,

Oblivion’s fool to the turning tides of the ocean.

I still smile in the shadow of the moonlight

Recalling fresh Spring days of new lovers’ delight

Here at the alter of love, kneel down and pray

Bring gifts of worship and promise you’ll stay.

“We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side.”
― Kahlil Gibran