A river runs through it

I have a fascination with visiting rivers when I travel. I am particularly fascinated with those rivers that are a thoroughfare for the city and this appears to be the case in many European cities. This is a novelty for me where my country is surrounded by the Indian ocean on the east and the Atlantic ocean on the west. Those of us living far inland are reliant on road and rail infrastructure. Where there are inland rivers they are part of our tourist or agricultural landscape.

Apart from the nodal point that rivers are in European cities, there is a sense of history and romance  residing on the banks of these rivers, So far, the River Seine remains my all time favorite . It cuts through many well known and romantic sites. As seen below, lovers from across the world hang their locks on the bridge as a symbolic gesture of their undying love for each other.

FRANCE : River Seine


LONDON : River Thames

Another well known river where sailing down this river makes you feel closer to the great bards of English literature. Quite something to realise that the old nursery rhymes of “London Bridge is Burning” – were based on fact with this bridge being rebuilt/restored several times.




COLOGNE : GERMANY – Rhein River – Together with some friends, we hopped on a quick boat ride down a river which I had learnt about in history books. We had just come from a tour of the great Cathedral in Cologne and when we hopped off, our next destination was to the delicious Lindt chocolate factory.



Salzburg: AUSTRIA – Salzach River – I remember this river very fondly since I was paying a special visit to my friends in Austria and we spent a great day in Salzburg, home to the famous Mozart. Unfortunately, another rainy day but I think rainy days like this are just delicious!


SHANGHAI: CHINA – The Yangtze River

I stayed at the beautiful Shangri-la hotel for a week and on clear days, had beautiful views of this river .


EYGPT – River Nile

The romance of this river is definitely in its history. We spent a gorgeous day crossing the river in a little local boat, visiting a Nubian village. This is one of those places where I feel my soul has traversed before.

EGYPT 2010 161

EGYPT 2010 252EGYPT 2010 253

EGYPT 2010 254