Soul’s aide-mémoire


Your soul is feeling weary

Time’s toll has bent your back

Mercurial emotion’s pendulum

Has sometimes made you cry

Wondering if it was all just a lie

I see your restless striding

And a smile that hides your pain

I see the daily drudgery

When you long for higher acclaim


But most of all,

I see the radiant light

Flash brightly in your eyes

When you cast them all over me

Full brimming love to see


Though reality keeps us  apart,

The blood flows free in my heart

When I know that you have heard

My love’s whisper in your sleep


You’ll feel my bounteous love,

Flying through the ocean’s breeze,

Glimmering moonlight’s shine,

Wafting Wisteria into the air,

Tentacled warm-reach of the sun,

All part of this great universe,

Blessing our love with heaven’s kiss.


So take a seat in your chair

Feel wind’s rush through your hair,

Sun’s passion upon your skin

And know that through each of them,

I will be seated next to you.