Swan’s song


Applauded by an eager throng

She gracefully danced her swan song

The stage was her dazzling silver lake

Two saxophones conversed in her wake

Killing her softly with her favorite tune

In each artist’s retort, she floated to the moon

Celebrating her art of determination

For a cause served with dedication

But a dance such as this disguises hidden fears

And while the music thrills, it also sheds tears

She smiles with abandon at all that was good

But in a last performance, it’s a bittersweet mood

Satisfaction spreads liberally through the room

Softening the blanket of engulfing gloom

And as she delivers her final rousing melody

Saxophonists romance her sweetly in harmony

And the water lilies cheered to the wavelets twinkles

As a shower of gold stardust followed in sprinkles