Refuge and release



I stop at this place and linger for a while

Hoping that you will eventually come by

You are filled with loneliness and pain

Feeling trapped, confused and all alone


May I place my hand gently on yours

As an Angel of Mercy to warm up your heart?

And you who seek forgiveness and your

Conscience wears a threadbare sackcloth

Shall we kneel down and pray, then drink

From the holy chalice in search of redemption?


Another passer-by, dressed in disguise

Wearing a brave face to hide many fears,

Asks for compassion and understanding

Let me hold you close, to feel my heart beat for you


And then she arrives, heart broken and torn

Grief-stricken from the dearest thing she has lost

I’ll give her a clock to show her how time flies

And while the pain stands fast, it will not last


Another friend comes by whom I met long ago

Carrying a bouquet of flowers to rest on the bed

Of the love he has lost. I cannot bring her back but

I can see that you still have much love to share – share it!


And as for myself, I am no better than all of you

I too have dark and empty places and that is

Why I’ve waited for you. The difference I’ve learnt

is that we each hold the key to unlock our own souls


It’s time to unlock and let the demons out

Make space for your special new house guest.