Aura of love

lilac flowers

It’s like a magical trick

When I type and then you click

When you suddenly cross my mind

And your puzzle message I find


Trapped in your own juxtaposition

You fire your blank ammunition

Straight at my mysterious glowing heart

Blinding black-stained ink in your art


You want to leave, but keep returning

For the love you are still yearning

I know how conflicted you’re feeling

Because my love has you reeling


I’m still trying to find my own way

Uncertain if you should return or stay

It’s the aura of love that magnetizes

And soul’s longing that hypnotizes


In my shades of violet and blue

I’m still here, love waiting for you

But you’ll need to calibrate the dark shades

That you flaunt in sparkling white charades





3 thoughts on “Aura of love

    1. Gosh I forgot I wrote this. To your question – yes I believe in soul mates. Unfortunately, you can’t always be with them and you can’t always explain it even to yourself. In this case I have borrowed from a very real relationship where magic happens and in the end it’s okay if you can’t be together because it is a soul connection.


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