Thief in the Night

red rose

You came as a thief in the night,snatching up my heart,

broke the windows to my soul and shattered my pride

You stole the roof of my shelter with no choice but to depart

You once wooed me and  stood by my side

I could think no thoughts unless they were about you

I could dream no dreams unless you played starring role

I could not stay by myself without fear and feeling blue

I could not protect myself from your charm, your love my only goal

We were once so in love you and I

We used to share a sacred space

We used to see the light shining in each other’s eye

We used to be friends and share secrets with warm embrace

Now, the flame has dimmed leaving a few simmering embers

The door stands open and the house is empty of all its contents,

Save for one item which the thief must have missed

A large red rose sprinkled  with tears from the broken tryst