Come live life with me


Shut down all your electronic devices

Unplug your headphones

Come along and live with me

Take breaths of fresh air, feel the wind

Rush through your hair

Let sun kiss your skin, let water soak you

In the endless oceans of time

Linger on your sips of red wine or

Whatever you fancy if you please

Just come along and live life with me

Take off your serious and sad mask

Stop pondering the meaning of things

Come along and laugh wildly with me

Let’s do a few silly things like

Count all the grumpy people we see

Tell me the funniest thing that happened today

Or the most blushing moment you had

And if we must, let’s try on new clothes

Take in a live comedy show

Just come along and laugh at life with me

Let’s leave the past in the past

Let’s decide to live and let live and let it go

Come along and dare to dream with me

Let’s dream of a world at peace with itself

Where rivers flow freely, no one goes hungry

Everyone has a roof over their heads

And in the world of starlit skies

Let’s retrieve romance, steal kisses neath

Moonlit skies, dance a slow dance

Just come along and dream of a new life with me

Above all though, in the afternoon’s glow

Come and watch the sunset with me

For it brings a promise of tomorrow

New joys and a healing of our sorrow