I’m good for that

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I’m game for the fun of it,

tease for the hang of it

Talk for the love of it,

laugh out loud for the dare of it

I’m good for that.

I can stay up all night if I have to,

keep all my promises if I must do

Tell you all that I’m thinking and feeling

if I trust you

I’m good for that

I can dance to the music

and lose myself for the fun of it

Set your mind in a spin

for the thrill of it,

idle with time for the joy of it

I’m good for that.

I can see beneath your smile,

test you for a while

Walk with you for a mile

or lock your secrets in a file

I’m good for that.

I can close a deal,

lay bare or conceal,

or impart wisdom to heal

I can show lots of compassion

or simply follow the fashion

I’m good for that.

But when the curtain comes down,

I’m all that you see

No facade to cover.

No other identity undercover

I’m good for that.

So call me different if you must

Accept me with my wanderlust

And I’ll do the same for you

And promise to be true

I’m good for that