Divine Madness

colour painting 1

Meeting you was a chance encounter

Accept that I don’t believe in chance

You emerged from shadows of timelessness

Mesmerizing; magnetizing me toward you

So that I didn’t think it strange when

You reached out and cupped my face

Gazed searchingly, intensely into my eyes

I said nothing, you knew because ours was

Not a world of voices. There was no hiding the

Divine madness that besieged me, the fever

That scorched me when our lips touched

You breathed your fiery vapor into me

And I unraveled, melted into your firm grip

Obsession possessed me,I was your conquest

Night and day turned into day and night

Sleep had deserted me but in my mental fog

I heard the muffled echo of the voice of reason

A distant spike of light pierced dense clouds

And I moved towards the fork in the road.

I chose the one less trampled and burned

Still remembering the lessons I’ve learned.