Shades of Green

Near Cradle of Mankind : Chevvy8

In forest’s greens, I searched for you,

Tendrils ever spiraling into my heart

With every verse penned for me.

Captivated by avocado green’s unfurling,

Shimmering satin leaves like eyes shining

When I gaze up at you with fresh love.

The greens of a praying mantis’s herald

To renewed contemplation and awareness,

Dark hibernation wakes me to your voice

In fern green valleys lush, near river’s rush.

I hear you whisper my name,with new

Soulful songs’ appeal to make a decision.

In depths of Shamrock’s green, your spirit

Reached out and touched mine in a dream,

Blessing our souls’  towards tender reunion

In mint colored horizons, our future alluring

To resurrected revival of youthful days lost.

Let’s surrender beyond our dance’s first step.