Montreux revisited: Switzerland

Many people I know confuse Montreux with Montreal in Canada. It takes a two hour train ride from Geneva or Zurich to get here. I have many beautiful memories of this scenic destination and thought I’d share this experience with my new readers.  Besides, some of us are caught in freezing cold and others in sweltering heat. I think this is a happy medium.

All of these pictures were taken at the beginning of Spring and were breathtaking in the contrasting remnants of Winter snow and green exuberance of Spring. Notice the beautiful changes in light. The waters of Geneva lake gave me a taste of heaven.

Montreux on the lake: Chevvy8
Montreux on the lake: Chevvy8
Geneva and Drakensberg 003
Montreux in Spring: Chevvy8
Monteux 2011 009
Heaven descending on Montreux: Chevvy8
Monteux 2011 033
Another shade of light: Chevvy8

My favourite place: a memorial park to Aretha Franklin, the late greats like Miles Davis, BB King, Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Charles. The destination of Jazz celebrations.

Geneva and Drakensberg 014
The Bust of Aretha Franklin:Chevvy8
Monteux 2011 025
Jazz icons: Chevvy8
Monteux 2011 032
Montreux Palace Hotel: Chevvy8