Synchronicity : The Cardinal bird


For those of you may have visited my About page, you’ll know that I am captivated by the notion of synchronicity. In my own simple terms I like to see this as a heightened awareness of signs, symbols and signposts that direct us in our lives, While some call it coincidence or chance, the idea is that it was no accident that some sign or symbol presented itself before you without having some significance in your life.

I think this is the magic of human relationships and it’s enhanced by the fact that with the touch/scroll of a button, you can touch someone’s life in an instant, though they may be on another continent and timezone.

The synchronicity for me today is that in trawling through a number of blogs this week, I’ve come across reference to the Cardinal bird three times having never heard of such a bird before. In terms of my quick research, it is declared as a state bird in the states of : Illinois,Indiana,Kentucky,North Carolina,Ohio,Virginia and West Virginia. So if you’re not part of the Americas, like me, you may not know of this bird.

Since I’m also curious about its relevance and meaning, I found that it is symbolically associated with hope, love, cheer, pride, focus, energy and renewal. I can identify with a number of these symbols at this point in my life and therein lies a message for me.

It is also said to present a flash of red during the transition from Winter to Spring. I can only imagine how vibrant it looks against the snow.

As an animal Totem it is said to  remind us to hold ourselves with pride (not the ego kind)  and asks us to stand taller and step into our  natural confidence as if we were born to lead with grace and nobility.

Finally, if it is said that if you attract the cardinal as your totem, you are naturally energetic,love life and happily help others where and when you can. (source: WHATS-YOUR-SIGN.COM)

I hope that like me, you’ll find some value in this post if you are in need of relevant inspiration.

Below is a link for anyone interested in knowing more about the Cardinal birdsong.

Birding by Ear: Northern Cardinal Song

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