Thank you for this dance

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The stars held hands with violin’s music tonight

Setting the scene for our lovers’ delight

We swirled and twirled in a moonlit dance

Deliriously happy in a jasmine-scented trance

I caught my reflection in your eyes’ burning pools

In pursuit of aroused passion we broke all the rules

We danced to the edges of our newly found bliss

Tracing my neck, my lips. with your fervent kiss

We danced to the flames of candle-lit towers

We danced in love’s madness for ours and hours

If my feet began to hurt, it was with pleasing pain

If my body felt tired, it was like wet drenching rain

If my eyes burned bright, it was gleaming with soulful fire

If my lips were bruised, it was through indulgent desire

Now the night lies still in pleasure-filled and heady scent

Our dazzling dance has peaked, all energies satisfyingly spent

As I close my eyes under covers of our pulsating romance

My cheeks in full blush as I reminisce over this dance

Lost in a dream -Sizzlebird