I wear sunglasses


I wear sunglasses

sometimes the sun gets too bright

I become afraid of the glaring light

and all that it it might find

I wear sunglasses

sugary, glistening snow is much too white

cold wintry sun begins to affect my sight

and I’m afraid I might lose my way

I wear sunglasses

to hide the windows to my soul

which speaks too boldly about what I feel for you

and I’m afraid of love changing its hue

I wear sunglasses

To hide the tears welling up within my eyes

When a certain sadness takes over me

And I’m afraid of what you will  see

I wear sunglasses

To preserve my enigma, my guarded mystery

My daily tribulations and life’s painful history

Though to truly love you need to know all of me

So I welcome sunset and darkened skies

Where I can be true and take off my disguise