Travel with Purpose

I’m of the view that travelling to other places even within your own country is part of broadening the sometimes narrow perspectives through which we look at life. Unfortunately, it can be a costly and time consuming exercise. I follow a number of travel blogs and photographers and my observation is that most travellers are very young and unhindered by many responsibilities. The balance of us dream of travelling one day when we retire. The rest of us are caught up with raising children and paying mortgage bonds. Caught in that trap myself, it was therefore a very spontaneous and perhaps reckless decision when we decided that we would throw caution to the wind and just book the trips as alternatives to throwing birthday bashes.

Apart from just going after the travel experience, these trips were also very much a part of our journey in life itself – Come along with me!

Mount Sanai : Egypt

EGYPT 2010 374

A few years ago, I found a picture of Mt Sanai while paging aimlessly through an in-flight magazine. The picture seemed to call my name through its starkness. I knew that I had to come to this place and take my own photograph. Given all the things that were happening in my life at the time, I needed to be reminded of the lessons of Moses as he was called to lead the people into the promised land. I was starting a new job at the time in which I was asking the same questions that Moses asked God. But it was also a great birthday present for my husband who had always wanted to go to Egypt. We arrived in Egypt just before the first uprisings started.

Other Shots of Mount Sanai

EGYPT 2010 373

Bishop’s House

Bishop's house

The Chapel on the summit of Mt Sanai which is said to hold the two tablets of stone on which the Ten commandments are written 

EGYPT 2010 369

St Catherine’s Monastery Built between 548 and 565

In this Moment : I was in awe of the power to do what might seem impossible. I felt that in my own small way I had come here in the footsteps of Moses to prepare for my own purpose.

EGYPT 2010 385

St Etiene-Du-Mont Church in Paris dedicated to the patroness of Paris: St Genevieve. The Moment: When I walked into the church and recognised it from an epic dream I had before this trip. I knew instinctively that I had come here for a purpose. The inside of the church was exactly as I had dreamt it.


The Moment : Awe struck by little miracles and synchronicities – we had almost missed getting to this church but forces conspired to bring me here and as time goes by my purpose unfolds.


The Relics of St Genevieve – who is the patron saint of Paris having saved it from death and destruction. What is left of her (a finger) is preserved in this casket.


A statue of St Genevieve sculpted into the wall of the church. Her power of persuasion and prayer saving a city which is renowned for nurturing so much creativity and genius for the world.Construction of this church began in 1492.


Look out for more posts or re-blogs of these amazing trips to Egypt,Paris and Montreux in Switzerland