Butterfly Longings


No ordinary life,

certainly not nondescript.

My gratitude abounds

for those who’ve seen beyond the worm,

have designed its many grooves,

allowed free access to their hearts.

But being a caterpillar

I’ve been confined to

surfaces of many things

with bridled flights of fancy.

Transition’s time has come now.

No easy phase I’m sure,

to lose who I have been

mixed emotions have set in.

Cocoon me in amorous sleep.

Kiss me to rebirth,

anticipation rising high,

 of what I will become,

of days when I will fly freely,

magnificent art of self creation.

It’s heady days I yearn for,

with golden crown and colorful wing,

frivolously fluttering flights,

amidst bounteous beauties bright,

where time is alive to every moment,

and becomes a precious incarnation.