door opening

excitement and trepidation grip my heart

for beginnings hold no certainty

but rely on faith, trust and soul

so with my next destination in sight

I trust that you will be my anchor,

my guiding star and both

the shadow and the light.

a mirror to my soul.

yes, life is full of contradictions. How

else would I tell a lie from a truth?

how else would I compare good from

evil? To strive for good, we need to

understand evil.

so I trust, even where I am cautious,

I love,even when I am uncertain,

I laugh, even when I am sad,

 I forgive, even when I’m deeply hurt,

 I take the risk to

seize  the opportunity.

I dare to love.

my angels are at my side telling

me all is well. My God speaks to me

telling me all is as it should be and I trust,

 I trust that a new door has

opened and I am on my way.

join me please, we are always at the

beginning of something new.

the day I met you was the beginning.

 Today is the beginning of something new

Believe, trust, have faith!