After a year of blogging – I started my first blog in April 2015, I like to see this as my creative space for my favourite interests such as  writing, poetry,sharing music, travel experiences and some photography.

Much more than this though, it’s helped me navigate my personal journey of self discovery through connecting with people and various artists from across the globe. I learn something new everyday from reading other blogs or exchanging comments.It has also given  me an opportunity to offer inspiration where I can. In the end here is summary of what I believe in:

I believe in the power of moments. Where I’ve been successful, it’s been about seizing the moments, being alive to the moment,  feeling it, living it, running with it…   It’s through moments that we achieve happiness which is never a permanent thing. Through moments we touch each other’s lives and make our dreams come true. Of course it’s also in those moments that life can devastate us. So what are you doing to not regret this moment?

I also like to believe that I’m  exploring and sharing life’s magic with you.  I like the thought that whatever brings you here was no accident. I love words like synchronicity, serendipity and fortuitous. These are words that have been part of my journey and I hope will be part of yours too.

In the meanwhile I’m just hanging out in my  Studio hoping that you’ll seize some precious  moments with me and we’ll touch each other’s lives in some special way.  So join me in seizing the moment with my poetry, photography and music and anything in between. My Studio is your studio – walk around, take a look, lounge around, come for a chat – whatever you do, just seize the moment!

(edited on 2 May 2016)