Her time has come

peace 6

Beyond beauty spas–

stepping out of silhouette,

at last her time has come–


To lead and nurture,

heal the war-torn damage

of our wounded past.


A world asunder

through outrageous blunder,

now calling for Peace.


Hear me when I say

now, at last her time has come.

Listen to her voice!



bringing calm to tame the winds

and turbulent seas.


A toss of coins–

gambling carelessly with lives,

has won her a place,


To sit among men

and hoist freedom’s fresh flag.

Her time has come!


Who will cast a stone

or seek splinters in her eye

without solution?


With eyes wide open–

cast your vote for Peace,

for her time has come!




What’s missing


A voyeur

watching your life

in panoramic view


Stage manager

joining in applause

to an outstanding act


A commentator

to an exciting match

praising a spectacular win


Yet you can’t stop feeling

that something is missing

so you keep searching–


Somewhere out there…

then you’re surprised

to find that it was you–


Missing in your own life

all  this time

Power to the powerless


Volcanic eruptions abound

With each step that we turn around

Muted voices rival against the loud

Scrambling from the darkening crowd


So we tremble in our rooms all alone

Eyes focused on blood images of our own

As the sly sooty wind twists and turns

It fans fires across continents as each burns


Lights out, lockdown, you have no power

A prisoner trapped in the hand of each hour

The rumbling rolls into a cumulative groan

Groundswells of power claim the throne


With a quick mathematical calculation

The masses of the powerless have overtaken

The viral infection leaves little room for choice

Unless we elect to speak in a bystander’s voice…



Author’s note: This poem was inspired by a post I read on  random rants ruminations ramblings Please check  out Kunal Thakore to read about the Japanese word  kuebiko   

which helps describe the state many find themselves in with current complexities facing us in many parts of the world.Check out the post at this link: https://randomrantsruminationsramblings.wordpress.com/2016/07/15/the-deliciousness-of-words-iii/



Soul’s Transcendence

soul ascending

We trust

Beyond our inhibitions

We believe

Surpassing our illusions

We cry

Regretting our helplessness

We dream

Dismissing our reality

We smile

Remembering our vulnerability

We laugh

Surprising our mystery

We pray

Acclaiming our spirituality

We love

Pursuing soul connections

We rise

Transcending our suffering

We fly

In true and perfect harmony

Music Lover

saxaphone with rose

Enthralling music’s allure

I wrote the lyrics, you did the score

You blew a hauntingly beautiful tune

Leaving me weak, howling at the moon


Then you held that note into eternity

I was dumbstruck into certain clarity

I wanted for nothing but to be with you

To love and to hold and forever be true


You were my first, my last, my everything

The love of my life and my every fling

It’s your soul that I love deeply and best

But if you can blow me away, be my guest







Sunday coming down

Dear Friends – Greetings to all of you – old friends and new. If you are still relatively new to my blog, the story behind my Sunday post is that my secret dream was to host my own music show on radio. Since I never got to do that, I decided to create my own Studio to post what I like and hope you’ll enjoy the selections with me. I like R&B and Smooth Jazz mostly but  cross music genre every now and then.  Since I live in the Southern hemisphere, the sun has gone down and it’s freezing cold given that we’re in the middle of Winter. This is the slot where I get to wish you an awesome week ahead. Save listening to when your sun comes down if you like.

Today I’ve chosen the  warm sultry voice of Mica Paris. Do enjoy and all the best for the week ahead! Chevvy.


The Faces of Egypt: Part 6 (Final)

Our last night in the Sinai peninsula was spent having a party in the desert with a Bedouin group who lived in the deep darkness of the Sahara desert. Candles were lit and covered with glass bottles which were then dispersed at the top of a number of sand dunes. This was a great way to spend our last night before heading back to Cairo. Served with delicious Egyptian cuisine, our group sat around a fire taking turns to follow the Bedouin dance routines accompanied by the sound of drums.

EGYPT 2010 406_1024

EGYPT 2010 408_1024

EGYPT 2010 411_1024

EGYPT 2010 410_1024

Our last day in Cairo was spent lazing around in the midday heat and taking refuge in a cool cafe. Cairo has a population of over 20 million people and with all the traffic on the the road, I was surprised to find that there were no traffic lights or stop signs. It was therefore a hair-raising experience to venture across the streets. Clearly, the locals understood how to weave their way through and we followed their cue though I was left with my heart pounding. I could not imagine how many bumper bashings and road rage incidents we would have had under similar circumstances back home.

EGYPT 2010 436_1024

After observing the traffic for a while, I found that it was not uncommon to see families of up to four people on a motorbike without head protection.

EGYPT 2010 448_1024

This remains one of my favourite pictures of what I call the Tea-seller. He stood in the middle of chaotic traffic, selling glasses of Egyptian tea to those passing by. I guess there were plenty of thirsty people out there.

EGYPT 2010 453_1024

The little Cafe we had sought refuge in from the midday heat, hosted its own Wall of fame of Egyptian actors and actresses. Among those well known back in the day,was the late Omar Sharif featured on the right below:


EGYPT 2010 432_1024

EGYPT 2010 433_1024

It seems to me that your trip to Egypt would not be complete if you didn’t stop at a perfumery as you might do in Paris. We eventually did succumb to some very persuasive merchants in buying some of these perfumes which are said to provide the base oils for many famous perfume brands.

The Ancient Egyptians loved beautiful fragrances. They associated them with the gods and recognised their positive effect on health and well being. Perfumes were generally applied as oil-based salves, and there are numerous recipes and depictions of the preparation of perfume in temples all over Egypt. The sales pitch on perfumes I found, was often associated with healing,mystery and seduction. Even the art of selling perfume was seductive 😀

EGYPT 2010 423_1024

Our final stop before leaving for home was at a bazaar in Cairo. If you like haggling over prices and are able to discern value for money, it might be fun, but be warned that you will be strongly persuaded to buy something!

EGYPT 2010 427_1024

In closing this chapter, I’d say that a visit to the museum is a worthwhile visit since Egypt is a country that is so rich in history. Since we could not take pictures in the museum, I have not captured this part of our visit. It is well worth a visit since many treasures salvaged from the tombs of the pharoahs and queens of ancient Egypt are showcased here. A lot has happened in Egypt since our visit which might make the experience different.

For me this was one of those trips of a lifetime and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking you on this journey with me and reliving some precious moments. Join me for a visit to Germany next week!


Still we rise again



in ruthless devastation

yet again we rise

to be a witness

of persevering courage

and forgiving heart

that we too shall rise

brick by brick, each of us can

tear down cemented walls

in spite of the loss

a calm quells the violent storm

Sun rises again


many before us

showed us that Freedom’s way

was paved with love

and untainted faith

that a new day would dawn

lit by a peace lamp

though we may stumble

soaked and riddled with pain

still we rise again


Man of my dreams

man of my dreams



you take control of my mind

you turn the valve,


tamper with feelings

I did not not know that I had.

You have broken in.


Left vulnerable–

Stripped naked in a cage,

you know my secrets,


which doors to unlock.

You sledge-hammer my walls,

releasing my fears.


With nimble fingers,

you untangle many ropes

that held me captive–


leaving me breathless.

I want you to stay with me.

Please show me the key


so I can set myself free

The Faces of Egypt: Part 5

Using the town of Dahab as our base, we were finally close to the destination I had wanted to reach. Just as a reminder to the reader, it was a picture of Mount Sinai that had ignited the goal to travel to Egypt. I’m happy to say that I did succeed in taking the pictures I was intrigued by, even though not precisely from the same vantage point.

As fate would have it, I would not get to climb Mt Sinai myself. I guess the die had already been cast from the moment my husband and I stepped out of the airport. I tripped and fell as soon as we walked through the exit, resulting in a slightly sprained ankle. On the day we were scheduled to climb Mt Sinai, I slipped on the last stair approaching the swimming pool of our hotel and this time the injury was far more serious. The trek up the 700 steps of Mt Sinai was scheduled to begin at 11 p.m. that night and my husband had to join the team without me. Instead, I would hobble along the next day with another team to the famous “Burning Bush”

The Monastery of St. Catherine, also known as the Monastery of the Transfiguration, is located in a triangular area between the Desert of El-Tih, the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba in the Sinai. It is situated at an altitude of 4854 feet in a small, picturesque gorge. This was the picture I had come to take. It was like walking on hallowed ground, following in the footsteps of Moses. St Catherines in its own right is worth reading more about. I’ve always believed and still do, that these steps lead somewhere significant in my own life journey.
EGYPT 2010 375_1024

EGYPT 2010 373_1024

Bishop’s home

Bishop's house_1024

EGYPT 2010 384_1024

St Catherine’s Monastery dating back to the Medievil era

EGYPT 2010 390_1024

The Burning Bush (trick of the light?)

EGYPT 2010 393_1024

The trip up Mt Sinai, started at 11 p.m. with the intent to watch the sun rise from the top of Mt Sinai early in the morning as depicted below. As an aside, my husband wore his favourite soccer team’s cap and believes strongly that their string of successful winning cups thereafter came  about through this special pilgrimage!😀

EGYPT 2010 358

EGYPT 2010 360

EGYPT 2010 362

EGYPT 2010 363

EGYPT 2010 363

EGYPT 2010 364

EGYPT 2010 366

EGYPT 2010 355

Mt Sanai 1_1024

EGYPT 2010 368

The chapel encloses the rock which is considered to be the source for the biblical Tablets of Stone

EGYPT 2010 369_1024

Thank you for reading and join me for the final part which takes us back to the hustle and bustles of the busy streets of Cairo.

Sunday Coming down


happy-birthday-friend-text-e1439370421464It’s that time of the day  again for me to wish you all a great week ahead. I’d also like to use today’s post to extend a special birthday wish to my friend T.Wayne at the joyfulprocess blog. Tracy, I hope you are having a great day today and hope you’ve had opportunity to do that famous two step. I dedicate today’s Sunday coming down to you my friend😀🎈✨🎀🍻🎈

It’s not history

history book

I want to move on

but you keep taking me back

to a place I knew


I was sentenced

no full stops, only commas

in between, gun shots!


Punctuating pause

then the chase begins again

when will it all end?


History has no past–

It seems…

The tag of Happiness

happiness tag

Now I’m not big on awards but I’ve chosen to respond to this tag which I was nominated for  by two of my great blogger friends, Lady G from seekthebestblog and T.Wayne from A Joyful Process  Please do check out their blogs. One of the common denominators to our friendship is Music. I find great pleasure sitting around Lady G’s campfire reminiscing not just about the music but the associated memories these conjure up. As for T.Wayne, he is the modern encyclopedia of Music and we share the love of some of my favorite musicians. So thank you both for tagging me as making you happy. The feeling is mutual.

Getting the happiness tag requires me to tell you about five things that make me happy, share five songs that make me happy and list five bloggers that make me happy. While I’m meant to be taking a break from my blog, I’ve chosen to respond to this tag now because it fits in very well with the reflection time I’m taking for other areas of my life. With a fork in the road, I’m in the space of redefining what makes me happy. So here goes:


I think colour enhances one’s mood and I am happiest when surrounded by vibrant colours. So I get ecstatic to see the lush green grass and garden blooms of all colours even in the midst of winter. Warm orange tinted walls in my house, cool aqua colours in my workspace, reds, and pinks for my lipstick, lavish colours for my scarves and the awesome kaleidoscope of colour depicted in nature – the greatest artist of them all. I still love colouring pencils and my dream is to learn how to paint. I guess underpinning all this is that I am excited by versatility.


Generally, I’m an extrovert though I value being a hermit sometimes. But I’m a people -person especially in the careers I’ve pursued. I am lucky to have crossed paths with many people in my lifetime and my life’s work is about making a difference in whatever I do. Most of all, it’s those special relationships where you feel that chemistry with some people that you can’t explain, which I enjoy most.

Again, I am blessed to have had those deep soul relationships with some people. Some are like passing ships in the night who for that brief moment in time – impact your life in some special way. Others walk with you for a lifetime. I guess this is the attraction of blogging – finding connection with people across the globe which in daily life might be unlikely.


Presently, I derive enormous satisfaction from the opportunity and encouragement the Blog gives me to share my love of photography, poetry and travelling to new places. I’m at my happiest when I’m engaging with new ideas, initiating new projects and visualising what’s possible.


Although I’m a city girl, give me a retreat into mountains, forests and oceans together with a good book that I can get lost in, then I am really happy! Watching the mist descend over the mountains while sipping hot chocolate on an winter’s day, meditating amidst the rise and fall of waves in the sunshine, breathing in the fragrance of jasmine, honey and lavender in spring, hiking in misty,dank forests with family and friends, toasting marsh mellows at a camp fire – happy, happy!


I love various genres of music with R&B and Smooth Jazz being my favorites though I

have many pop favorites. Good lyrics, good vocals and great instrumentation are my

criteria but equally important are the good memories I attach to the songs. Here is a

sample of songs which hold very dear memories/ideals for me.


Five bloggers who make me happy

So there are many of you who I love hearing from or engaging with. But for today I can only choose five bloggers who make me smile for one or other of the above reasons. Please note while I am acknowledging you, do not be obligated to post if you choose not to. For me this is more about making you smile 😀  I’d like to acknowledge the following bloggers:

Kunal at:  random rants ruminations ramblings

Joan at:  JUST JOAN 42

Pri at: thatmishmash

Thumbup at: The playground

Maniparna at: Scattered Thoughts

Thanks again to T.Wayne and Lady G. for the nomination and the happy times I’ve had with you.




Bound by your love


When I fear being lost

I know that you will find me

A tracker, navigator and compass

To my troubled, wavering soul


Seek and I shall find – you said

And there you were, waiting

With words of warming comfort

Ready to be my guiding ranger


You offered me a rock

On which to build my home

So here I am, receiving shelter

From the ceaseless raging storm


You promised me eternal Sun

To nurture my inner strength

I’ve found a shoulder to lean on

You rise each day, to give me hope


Most of all you’ve followed me

Through lofty mountains and

The turbulence of turning tides

Through it all, I’ve seen your smile


Now I know, I’d do it all over again

Just to be one with you…




Freedom’s rain

rain 3

Free in her season

A promiscuous lover

We each have our turn


Generous to some

Doling out liberation

Moisture for their yield


When she comes too late

We lay victims in her wake

Floods on parched land


Bloody waters run

Where umbrellas are raised

A reign over rain


We pray on this day

For equal distribution

Of similar rain


Let Freedom reign

Showering abundantly

On us equally

Sunday coming down

Yes, it’s that time of day here down South. Darkness has fallen and we’ve got a fire going because our houses are not built for the cold. So go ahead and enjoy the Summer and all my friends enjoying 4th of July celebrations, you can listen to this later if you like since you’ve got a long weekend. Whatever you are all doing tomorrow, have a special week ahead.

Today I thought I’d pick out some of the Shirley’s I know and share their perspectives on love. It’s always about love isn’t it and what people will do for love – so listen up and enjoy these classic songs. You got another Shirley out there – add her to my list.

Peace and Happiness Y’all🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈



The faces of Egypt: Part 4

We left Luxor on a bus and travelled overnight through many miles of desert. The trip was unduly long given that our bus broke down along the way. This in itself was quite an adventure. I’d say – better at night than during the day since it gets very hot in these parts.At some point during the night we also passed through the Suez Canal.We were on our way to Dahab which was to be our base for the following few days.

EGYPT 2010 302_1024

As we approached  Dahab, we passed through Sharm el-Sheikh featured below. Not only was this a break from the desert landscape but also a taste of a very Western lifestyle in Egypt. Many of the western food takeaways could be found here and there was less restriction in terms of dress codes.

EGYPT 2010 301_1024

Our first view of the Red Sea in the early hours of the morning – absolutely breathtaking!

EGYPT 2010 307_1024

Finally, we arrived at our hotel which was about 10 kms outside the town of Dahab. Given that this is desert region,water supplies come from desalination.

EGYPT 2010 352_1024

EGYPT 2010 334_1024

This was our first evening out in Dahab for dinner. A favorite pastime is for men to chill  outside their apartments at sundown with Shisha pipes. We stopped at the Alcohol shop – bottom lefthand corner since alcohol is not served in restaurants.

EGYPT 2010 318_1024

I just loved the colourful and celebratory decor of the restaurants. The food was “to die for ” and so was the fresh seafood. We could literally see what we were going to eat – seeing the fish swimming directly under our chairs.

Ali Baba 2_1024

EGYPT 2010 402_1024

EGYPT 2010 401_1024

EGYPT 2010 403_1024

Dahab (meaning gold in Arabic) is a prime site for tourism, good for wind surfing and diving and snorkelling among the beautiful coral reefs. Dahab is a prime beach resort which was once a Bedouin outpost and a destination for backpackers. Situated along the Sanai peninsula, it is also a good base for camel rides into the desert. For us, this was our base to Mount Sanai and St Katherine’s Monastery which will be featured in the next post.

EGYPT 2010 313_1024

EGYPT 2010 345_1024

EGYPT 2010 350_1024

EGYPT 2010 344_1024

Dahab during the dayEGYPT 2010 335_1024

EGYPT 2010 404_1024

EGYPT 2010 405_1024

Thank you for walking this journey with me and look out for our trip to Mount Sanai in my next post💙💙💙



New Rain

new rain pic

Soaked by the rain

Of your tantalizing words

Floating in the air


Drenching wet kisses

On my lips, all over me

Your breath in each drop


Little did I know

The rain had become a flood

So strong the allure


Deceptive drizzle

Driven by tumescent winds

Pelting everywhere


The taste of new rain

Freshly fallen, final gush

A verse now complete


Until the next rain…